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tv   News  ABC  August 9, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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work with allayer life look like this -- all your life look like that? speechless. >> the chaos that turned the concern for one mother. and have you checked your car in westminster this morning? the neighborhood crime that has victims on edge. and you want today wake up a millionaire. slim to none but winning the powerball lottery but we have the numbers of for you coming up in just a bit on thursday, august 9th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. megan pringle is on assignment this morning. i'm joined here by lynette and lauren. you guys had fun earlier.
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>> we gave charlie a manicure. >> a lot of people showing their patriotism for the olympics by having their nails done. >> you have go usa written on the fingernails and also wearing purple for the ravens. >> tomorrow for purple friday they'll be purple for charlie. >> g. o. u. s. a.. that is lynette. there we go. that's my fine work. >> go us and the thumb. >> there we go. >> all righty. >> dizzy now. >> you're a good sport charlie. very good sport. >> so the weather for today once again humid as we step out the door. it's going to hit you in the face as we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we are pretty much dry but we have two isolated showers popping up across the area. one is in pennsylvania. and the other one now is in southern maryland. and it is heading over towards ocean city. we could see if your travels are taking you that way around delmar, salisbury, princess anne going to the east north and east as we go through the remainder of the morning and
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some more could pop up in the afternoon. just take the rain gear with you just in case because you could be the one trapped under one of the storms. right now temperature in bowie 72 degrees. 69 in columbia but bethesda around 70 degrees this morning. and we are looking at the humidity. it is up there once again and going to stay that way and also we have a little bit of patchy fog on the roadways, take it easy out and about. speaking of the roadways a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. some accidents now? yes lynette traffic is really starting to pick up. we have a crash in anne arundel county on glen burnie at east furnace branch road on pleasant road. 97 no delays from route 50 all the way up to 695 but we have a new crash to tell you about. it's on 95 right along the southbound lanes as you approach the beltway. and as we head on over to the west side and take a live look here, at 695 at baltimore national pike you'll notice that outer loop really starting to slow down. and as we pull up some drive times you'll notice the delays on that west side.
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12 minutes altogether to travel from 795 down to 95. now the jfx will be nice and clear just 11 minutes traveling southbound from towson all the way downtown to east fayette street. and the northeast corridor of 95 no delays there in the white marsh area where you're looking at a 15 minute ride from route 43 all the way into the city. char low over to you. a child is dead and two of her family members injured after a fire in prince george's county. it happened yesterday at a two story duplex at a home in capitol heights and tom talked to neighbors. >> i was coming from the side of the house. so i started screaming help! >> i saw the smoke up in the air. and i saw the flames bursting out the windows. >> reporter: the fire department arrived and had to pull the two kids from the burning home. >> carried the little girl out like they carried her on they shoulder out. >> reporter: soon the chaos turned to concern. >> hope and pray that them
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little children are alive. >> reporter: this woman lives in the other half of the duplex that burned. she frantically searched to make sure her family was okay. >> i can't believe it. i cannot believe this. >> reporter: fortunately her son was okay. but the neighboring kids were not so fortunate. besides the 5-year-old girl who later passed away, and the 15- year-old teen who was pulled from the flames, the little girl's 24-year-old father was also burned but made it out on his own. his mother arrived later and so distraught she was also taken to the hospital. >> this is devastating right now. >> reporter: he owns is home is a related to the victims. >> all i can do is pray. >> reporter: maynard is also related to the family and he grew up in the home. >> you can see how she grew up in all your life look like that. i'm speechless. >> and that was tom roostty reporting, no word yet on the cause of the fire yet. if you live in carol county
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you will be on the lookout now for any suspicious people or cars in the neighborhoods. in the wee hours of the morning this week smashing car windows in westminster and stealing laptop computers, jewelry even prescription ms from cars and trucks. -- ms and cars and trucks. the estimated damage now to 27 vehicles and more than $4,000 and victims are now on edge. >> i guess there's more of a feeling of community now. since we've all been victimized like this. whenever we're outside everyone's like do you know anything? have you heard anything more? have they caught them yet? we really just want retribution. >> in addition to the damaging of the cars and stealing the items police say the vandals have destroyed mailboxes and lawn ornaments and also below it could be teenagers. in indiana man's attempt at robbing a mcdonald's didn't go as planned. he walked into the restaurant and headed for one of the cash registersment it will not
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budge. this caught on surveillance video. he changed his order. and then grabbed an armful of yogurt parfaits only worth about $5 and he made off with what he had. >> if you're going to get the charge for breaking in you might as well get something out of it. we've seen a little bit of eing and you know this one is a crime, but it was still kind of amusing for the officers that were involved. >> and when catching the surveillance video one of the officers says he recognized the man and they looked outside and they saw him walking around still covered in shards of glass from that attempted robbery. and as you would expect he was arrested. new jersey borough is now missing key members of the local government. get this. all six council members they resigned at the same time. they say the mayor of farming dale, new jersey is just too difficult to work with. now the only person can'tly left to run the -- currently left to run the city matters is the deputy bureau chief. it will allow the governor christie to make the necessary appointments within the next 30 days. and the reunion nearly 40 years in the making but this one involves is missing class
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ring. these two high school sweethearts exchanged rings in 1974 but tim lost the ring nancy gave him during a football game. >> every time i go out on the field, i would always you know kind of look down on the grass and hopefully find it you know. and get me out of trouble a little bit. >> decades later crews replacing sod on the football field they found the ring. decades, more than 30 years after the fact still in great condition. well, now nancy wears that class ring with her wedding ring. that's right, they are still sweethearts and together. well, we need a caffeine fix and you want to get your calf fee and you want to get it pretty quickly. starbucks has a way to get in and get out. >> and we all know judge judy has a no nonsense sharp tongued approach to justice. well, now she's got a new title to claim. we'll tell you what that is when "good morning maryland"
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thanks for staying with us. planning on making a stop at star bucks this morning? if so soon you're not even going to have to carry cash but take the wallet in today. starbucks is partnering now with square, it's a start-up allowing shoppers to pay for items with their senator popes. it's going to be smart phones -- smart phones. it's going to start fall. in the future tell the cashier your name and like imagining it's paid for. lynette and lauren pay attention. who -- who is the highest paid tv personality? >> ooh. all right. too long. >> it is judge judy. >> wow? >> are you serious? >> i can't believe that. >> magazine says she earned $45 million a year for a syndicated
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judge show. we've all seen this before. it has been on the air since 1996. judge judy $45 million. yeah. >> wow. >> i can't believe that. all right news time now 16:42 and your abc2 news to go is straight ahead. a big day coming up in annapolis. >> reporter: and you can say it's just preseason football. but don't tell that to the hard working woman who made blueberry juice to get the go ravens look in purple. we have a live report what fans are looking forward to as football season approaches. >> what is going to happen with gambling in maryland? i'm linda so, lawmakers head back to annapolis for a special session. all that they have to decide. >> and temperatures are above average once again this morning. but we have a cooldown in the forecast. that's coming up. lauren? >> well, lynette we are dealing with a crash on 95 up in white marsh.
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i'm tracking the delays and we'll show you what the other main lines look like coming up on "good morning maryland." [ radio ] it's a scorcher out there...stay refreshed!
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it is 6:45. time now for your abc2 news to go. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. let's kick it off with the check of the forecast and meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning charlie. good morning everyone. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. because we have a couple of showers isolated in nature as we slide up into pennsylvania. that's where you're seeing a storm just above the maryland state line. and as we look at the is your honor part of maryland -- southern part of maryland, well we have a shower now drifting over to ocean city. but in-between that we are dry. 68-degrees in emmettsburg and glenwood at 67. 71 degrees in manchester and that is what it looks like right now on the roadways out and about. we have a little bit of patchy fog out there and reduced visibility from two to six miles, a check now of the traffic with lauren cook. a crash out on 95 in white marsh along the southbound lanes approaching 695. do expect delays in the area. and here's what 695 looks like
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in overlea at belair road. the outer loop will be sluggish out to towson. old court road again the outer loop will slow down even more driving down to liberty road. lawmakers today kickoff the much talked about special session. and this morning, abc2 news linda so is live with the preview and linda, what exactly can we expect lawmakers to be talking about? >> reporter: it's all about the future of gambling in maryland. lawmakers will decide whether to allow a sixth casino at the national harbor in prince george's county. they'll also decide the table games will be allowed at all of the sites. the lawmakers pass the measure, the final say will be up to voters in november on that ballot. lawmakers will also consider whether to give current casino operators a tax break to make up for the impact of adding a sixth casino. the cordish company who owns maryland live is against allowing another casino. they say the bill is unfair to current operators who have already invested millions of dollars to build their sites.
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right now it's unclear if the measure has enough support that motorcycle it through. -- to make it through. delegate ron george is not even sure if everyone is going to show up. >> i know that there's two anne arundel county people at various expensive vacations they planned together with their families. with the larger family. and they're going to go ahead and go on vacation. >> reporter: right now, it's unclear just how long this special session will last. it could be anywhere from three days up to a week, live in federal hill, linda so, abc2 news. okay, so you have your coffee, your breakfast and already you got the football. it is preseason tonight. the first of the year but never, never too early to check out the ravens. and never too soon to talk about football. maybe over that morning cup of joe so abc2 news megan pringle is out live at jimmy's in fell's point where the conversation is all about football and also megan time to break out the purple.
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>> reporter: absolutely charlie. good coffee, good conversation and today what else are you going to talk about? the ravens of course. kevin franklin has been working here at jimmy's since 1981 and i let you a lot of people are talk -- bet you a lot of people are always talking about football. >> always something to say. we only want to hear the positive stuff and all about the race, that's what we want to -- ravens. that's what we want to hear. >> reporter: are you going to watch the game? >> oh most definitely. stuck on the tv and see the new rookies, just see the players. some of the new faces what's going on. football always exciting. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to this season and what do you want to see the ravens do differently? hmm. >> that's pretty tough but it was a great season last year. you know we came down to a gop and a missed kick. once it started it's all done. that kick and that drops on me we right back into football again. >> reporter: now this is an constitution in baltimore --
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institution in baltimore. jimmy's restaurant. ever get tense or heated? >> oh, yeah. if you're not talking ravens i don't want to hear it. so i have some friends that come in and we do like have our trash talk about football. just as well. >> reporter: yeah what do you do if a steelers fan comes in and sittings down at the counter? >> oh well i have a specialty for them the steelers fans just in case they come in you know. we know they have you know they call us a bunch of stuff and we try to get it out of the system right away. they talking ravens just as the steelers special. >> reporter: a little metamucil with your eggs right? >> have a little light up. >> reporter: now really quickly before we go, lil made blueberry juice put it in the pancakes to make the go raven pancakes, what do you think of that? >> it made me smile as soon as i came in. cracked me up you know? it was really nice. lil -- her talent really surprised me. >> reporter: absolutely. good coffee. good pancakes, what do you
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think tonight's game is? what's your prediction? >> oh ravens easy. 17-0. just for preseason. >> reporter: all right kevin franklin. we're going to send id back to you but of course you have more information on tonight's game right? >> yeah we do megan. we have a pre-game special at 6:30 tonight. join jamie costello and scott gash receive, pre-game special the ravens "taking flight." kickoff is set for 7:30. the ravens in atlanta 7:30 kickoff right there. we know you will be tuning in. all right, picture this. you get a package at your door and you think it's the new flat screen tv you ordered but you find an assault rifle inside. that happened to a guy in d.c.. seth instead got a high powered rifle. the box had his name on and it the invoice inside was address today a gun store in pennsylvania. seth says the mixup has him
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concerned. >> i don't want to be in a situation where this type of weapon can just show up on someone's doorstep. accidentally. i'd like to see more precautions taken. >> now police came in and they took the weapon. they're now trying to see how the mixup happened. we'll keep you updated if it's anything important. time now for five things you needs to know on this thursday. news outlets are going to be going before a judge today asking for access to court documents in the colorado theater shooting case. james holmes the alleged shooter is expected to be in the courtroom. he is charged with multiple counts in connection with that deadly massacre back on july 20th. and sentencing now scheduled today in texas for an awol soldier who planned to make bombs to blow up restaurants at the fort hood soldiers. he was convicted on six federal charges and now faces life in prison. and the president of the susan g. komen for the cure is resigning and founder nancy brinker is moving away from the day-to-day president. it's the latest -- management.
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it's the latest in the shakeup of the nation's largest breast cancer foundation. and you still have a chance to win big. no tickets matched last night for the powerball drawing. the winning combination was 3, 7, 11, 15, 28, with the powerball being 11. that next drawing is saturday, the jackpot is estimated around $253 million. and an update on the upcoming hurricane season expected today. from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. they're going to be taking a look at what's expect for the atlantic in the coming months something i know you'll be paying attention to len et. watching tare necessary -- lynette. watching ernesto down south but keep an eye on what's coming up in the next few weeks. >> exactly. definitely keeping my eyes peeled for that. we have been tracking tropical storm ernesto now. yesterday it made landfall yucatan peninsula and moved
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back into the bay of campeche. that's what's going on right now and over is hex hours it could be in here it could restrengthen back into a category 1 hurricane and it is forecasted to slide and make another landfall into southern mexico. but right now the winds sustained at about 70 miles an hour and it is moving to the west at about 14 miles an hour. that's the latest on tropical storm ernesto. lots of moisture around the area once again for today. the dew points in easton 70. 73 in d.c.. and 68 now in baltimore. and i take you outside in manchester where we are looking at the clouds but mainly we have some sunshine. the clouds and sun will mix through today. i think maybe today we'll get more sunshine than clouds. but yesterday, we actually got more clouds than sunshine. and that really did hold the temperature down a little bit but a beautiful shot this morning. get out there and enjoy it. just make sure you hold your breath as you do because it is sultry out there. not feeling too good. as you look at the future trend, we're not taking up on a lot mt. morning time but we have a chance for scattered showers to move into the
6:55 am
picture lunchtime and points i don't understand that. some -- beyond that. some showers in the forecast, but the better chance for wet weather and seen stormy weather comes into friday and all ahead of the cold front that will traverse the area friday evening into early saturday morning. so saturday morning, yes you can be seeing a few showers out there and thunderstorms but then the day will get better as the day goes on. speaking of the day the hour by hour forecast. 91 degrees for a high temperature but with the humidity it's going to feel a lot hotter than that. then the seven day forecast cooler conditions as we go into sunday and drier conditions a slight chance for a shower as we head into next monday. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning lynette. if you are using 95 do expect delays in white marsh all due to the earlier crash along the southbound lanes of the beltway. traffic jammed back to route 43. and the average speed is clocking in at 48 miles per hour. we're also dealing with a water main break in essex. now my facebook friends jennifer just wrote in saying it's been missy franklinned to the shoulder and no -- moved to
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the shoulder and not having much of an impact. it's on route 50 at wilshire road. traffic picking on the other main lines as we look at the beltway. that west side going to be pretty crammed on that outer loop. that will continue from liberty road down to route 40. and here's what it looks like in parkville at harford road. inner loop just fine. no problems getting down to 95 but the outer loop that's where it gets tricky up to towson. we are gifting away $600 in free gas. to enter the contest all you have to do is become a fan of my official abc2 facebook page. all of the details at the very top of the pro file and draw a winner tomorrow and every friday through the rest of summer. best of luck to you. thank you for joining us on this thursday. remember, the ravens' pre-game special tonight at 6:30. jamie costello and scott garceau are going to be down at mother's in federal hill. as we go up to new york now for "good morning america," to you? >> you look pretty. >> and to you?
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